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Stockholm Skavsta Airport secures 24/7 cyber surveillance through Managed Detection & Response


For an airport, readiness demands from the Swedish government puts a lot of pressure on Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Part of being able to handle this is having a higher cyber security maturity, which is now in place with the airport’s new partnership with NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity. The collaboration will also make compliance with the upcoming NIS2 directive easier. 


A need for 24/7 cyber protection

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is a critical component of Sweden’s infrastructure, being one of 27 airports in Sweden with a contingency mission from the government, and a high level of cyber security is therefore a key priority for the airport. In times of geopolitical instability, being protected against the likes of cyber warfare becomes especially important.

A key component that was missing in the airport’s IT security was 24/7 cyber security protection. Cyber attackers never sleep, and to strengthen the airport’s cyber security round the clock, Stockholm Skavsta Airport decided to start a collaboration with NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity. 


Combining human expertise with data insights

NTT Security’s and Nexer Cybersecurity’s combined expertise and the modern SamurAI platform helps Stockholm Skavsta Airport achieve comprehensive 24/7 cyber surveillance from NTT Security’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Gothenburg.

“Security is crucial for us, both in the IT environment and with flight operations. When we were choosing a cyber security provider, we wanted to find partners with a good track record and a long history in the industry. NTT Security fit the bill perfectly, and they also fulfil the stringent requirements for us as an airport operation”, says Adam Eklund Eriksson, CIO at Skavsta Stockholm Airport, and continues:

“I have personally visited the Security Operations Centre twice and I am very impressed with the competency. Because of their global network, NTT Security have insight into almost all of the internet connections in the world. Their traceability is unique.”

NIS2 requirements

The new cyber security requirements that the European Union has decided to implement starting in October 2024, NIS2, will bring challenges for many companies. For Stockholm Skavsta Airport, teaming up with NTT Security gives a head start in complying with the new legislation. The partnership will enable a strong cyber capability with clear procedures, trained staff and the right device configurations for handling and reporting security incidents.

“At Stockholm Skavsta Airport, we welcome the new regulations from the governing bodies in Europe. Setting these standards will make sure that all organizations are on their toes and set standards for everyone. NIS2 will strengthen cyber security in all aspects”, says Adam Eklund Eriksson.


24/7 protection
With 24/7 Managed Detection & Response from NTT Security’s SOC in Gothenburg, Stockholm Skavsta Airport has protection against cyber security threats every hour, every day of the year.

Incident response
If the airport is attacked by adversaries, there is an immediate response from NTT Security, mitigating the possible damage in the cyber environment.

Compliance with NIS2
With new regulations from the European Union being implemented, Stockholm Skavsta Airport can be safe knowing that NTT Security makes sure that the airport is compliant with the new requirements of handling and reporting.


Looking forward, Stockholm Skavsta Airport is still on a digitalization journey. With a 24/7 cyber security solution in place, Stockholm Skavsta Airport can now focus on safeguarding their operations additionally. The vision is to secure the entire supply chains and strengthen the ability to identify security threats and stop them before they can damage the cyber infrastructure.

“It is difficult keeping up with the adversaries, but with 24/7 cyber security protection from NTT Security, we have a much better chance. We believe that we have a robust package that will help us stop and isolate any possible cyber attacks”, says Adam Eklund Eriksson.

Client profile

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located just outside Nyköping, 100 km southwest of Stockholm, and is an ideal base for airlines, tour operators and aviation-related businesses. The airport serves the Stockholm area and regions west and south of the airport, with three million people in the nearby regions. It offers unique opportunities for development and expansion. The airport is authorised to receive up to six million passengers per year. Today, there are direct flights to several destinations in Europe. The airport is owned by the Arlandastad Group and Nyköping Municipality.

What services does Skavsta Airport benefit from?

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