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Managed Detection and Response – On Premise

Our Samurai MDR On Premise service relies on a solution built locally in your specific country on the premises of your organization, sending only relevant alerts to our analysts in NTT Security’s Security Operations Center in Gothenburg, Sweden. This allows you to comply with the NIS2 directive as we introduce the very practices, routines, security measures, controls, and threat monitoring required by the directive.

MDR within your Organization

Our staff in the Security Operations Center has a special security clearance, catering to the most rigorous security standards. With the Samurai MDR On Premise Service, you can maintain your determined security level and focus on your core business. The 24/7 service gives immediate access to in-depth analysis, correlations and reporting on incidents.

Growing Cyber Security Challenges

Cyber Security Officers of today are facing several growing challenges

  • Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated as attackers are continually evolving their mode of operation. This puts pressure on companies and organizations to get visibility into attacks and to gain threat intelligence context and situational awareness.

  • Security budgets are often flat or falling.

  • There is a skills shortage of security experts in the market.

  • There are increasing internal requirements from management for risk and full control of where data resides and who has access to the data.

Increasing Costs from Cyber Attacks

The cost of a significant security incident can be avoided through early detection and rapid response. However, it is costly to achieve those goals by acquiring the technology and human resources to perform those tasks in house.

NTT Security’s Samurai MDR Service leverages scale, AI technology, decades of expertise and intellectual property to discover hard-to-find threats and disrupt complex and sophisticated cyber attacks.

MDR On Premise

NTT MDR support client sources across cloud, OT, network and endpoint. With our MDR On Premise service, you can make fast, well-founded decisions for incident management, leading to improvements in security and performance and reductions in cost of incidents.

The MDR On Premise Service helps you manage your business risk 24/7, with abilities to respond quickly and effectively to high-risk security events, reducing the impact of security incidents and preventing loss of business-critical information.

Key features of NTT Samurai MDR On Premise

  • Security analysis with human validation to reduce false security alerts
  • All data processed within your network and organization ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Proactive resolution of identified incidents via industry best practice with advanced analytics
  • A high-quality Security Operations Center (SOC) which has delivered services without interruption since 2001
  • SOC located in Gothenburg Sweden with some of the best security analysts in the Nordics
  • Rapid implementation with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs
  • Data feeds enhanced by NTT research to identify threats more effectively

Regional Security Center

The Samurai MDR On Premise Service is delivered from the Security Operations Centers (SOC) in Sweden/Gothenburg and is manned 24/7 by skilled Security Analysts with Threat Hunting and Threat Validation knowledge, supported by the strong technical capabilities of the Samurai Platform.

Having Security Analysts monitoring multiple clients across the globe allows for continuously expansion of threat coverage for identified threats. It also brings unparalleled insights of emerging threats to threat detection on a global scale.

Regional presence ensures added awareness and relevance during Incident Validation and Incident Reporting activities as that the threat landscape is often very different from regions to region with unique techniques and trends used.

Detection and Response Capabilities

The Samurai MDR Service uses Advanced Analytics threat detection techniques able to identify sophisticated threat actors that evade traditional detection methods from employing, and switching between, a variety of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)

Attackers usage of a variety of TTPs reduces the significance of the individual indicators (e.g. source IP, URL to landing page, file names or hashes) and patterns have left traditional detection capabilities struggling in the identification of such threats. These require today’s security programs to use a combination of these traditional methods with the signature-less detection capabilities of Advanced Analytics.

MDR uses sophisticated detection capabilities which leverage the often isolated detection abilities and insights provided by supported technologies and monitored sources, and applies Advanced Analytics threat detection across them. This allows the combined capabilities of the entire monitored estate to contribute in enabling Advanced Analytics to have full insight into the malicious behaviour of potential threats, spanning from the perimeter to target service and endpoint.