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Extended Detection and Response (XDR) SaaS

By combining state-of-the-art analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence, and automation, NTT Security’s Samurai XDR has the capability to detect and respond to both known and unknown threats.

Vendor-Independent and Cloud-Based

Samurai XDR SaaS is our in-house developed application for detecting and responding to cyber threats.

Samurai XDR is a vendor-independent and cloud-based platform that gives our customers the ability to monitor their IT environment based on their own needs and requirements. Samurai XDR combines threat intelligence, machine learning, threat information, and automation to quickly detect and stop both known and unknown threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Explore our Platform

Samurai XDR is a threat detection and response platform that leverages threat intelligence and machine learning to provide insight into incoming attacks. The platform is API-driven, offering access to features and services important to operations, and includes automation for instant threat response.

Additionally, Samurai XDR offers custom rules for personalized security responses, an alert dashboard for immediate insights, and alert management that provides access to necessary information.