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Cyber Security Insight #4 – 2024

New Cyber Security Insights Report: Mother of all breaches
was the start. In the aftermath of the staggering MOAB data leak, cybersecurity experts are sounding the alarm on the extensive threat of credential stuffing attacks.

Cyber Security Report #11 – 2023

– Ransomware group files complaint against victim organization with the US Securities and Exchange
– A shortened URL created by an online service directs customers to a malicious site
– Microsoft’s VS Code tool could reveal passwords

Cyber Security Report #8 – 2023

– The Japanese National Police Agency arrested an overseas
individual for the first time in an international joint
investigation in relation to phishing.
– North Korea hacks top Russian missile company.
– SMS Traffic Pumping is activity conducted by cybercriminals resulting in fraudulent SMS charges for an organization.

Cyber Security Report #6 – 2023

-CISA issues binding operational directives for exposed management interfaces.
-Ransomware hits Shalom, a software-as-a-service for Labor and Social Security Attorney offices
-Hacker forum BreachForums revived after owner’s arrest

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