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Cyber Security Report #3 – 2023

Topics include Blackbaud pays fine for response to cyberattack, North Korean hacker ‘Kimsuky’, and Owner of BreachForums arrested.

Blackbaud pays $3 million for botched disclosure of cyberattack

On March 9, the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that Blackbaud, a cloud software company, had agreed to pay $3 million to settle disclosures that led investors to misjudge the 2020 ransomware attack that stole more than 1 million files.

The APT Activities of Kimsuky, a North Korean Hacker

In March, targeted emails believed to be from Kimsuky, a North Korean APT group, were detected. Aiming to steal information related to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Kimsuky carried out malware attacks against South Korean government agencies, think tanks and experts, as well as against Japan, the United States, Russia and European countries.

Owner of BreachForums, the world’s largest hacker forum, arrested

On March 15, the FBI arrested New York resident Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, owner of BreachForums, the world’s largest hacker forum.