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Cyber Security Report #10 – 2023

NTT Security’s monthly report on cybersecurity contains three interesting observations.

Hacktivist Group Announces
Ransomware GhostLocker. In early October 2023, new Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) called GhostLocker was announced. The ransomware was developed by GhostSec, a hacktivist group that focuses on counterterrorism and extremist content on the internet.

Cisco IOS XE 0 Day Vulnerability; Over 40,000 Posts of Malware. On October 16, Cisco Systems published a security advisory on a new zero-day vulnerability found in Cisco IOS XE software. A threat actor who successfully exploits this vulnerability could gain privileged access and take control of the device.

Armed Conflict and Cyber Attacks in Israel and Gaza. Since the beginning of the armed conflict in October 2023, hacktivists supporting the Palestinian party have carried out a number of cyber attacks, including DDoS attacks and information disclosure, against rival organizations and their sponsors.