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Cyber Security Insight #1 – 2024

We have updated the format of our reports. They will come out several times every month and be more focused on one event. The new name is NTT Cyber Security Insights.

First insight of the year focus on ransomware. These attacks continue to plague various sectors, including healthcare, government, education, and business. Recently, Tietoevry, a Finnish cloud hosting services provider, fell victim to a ransomware attack, affecting numerous customers in Sweden, including a major payroll and HR company, universities, and over 30 government authorities.

At NTT Security, our Cyber Threat Intelligence team closely tracks the evolving threat landscape, providing actionable insights crucial to our services. We’ve observed a surge in ransomware group activities on leak sites in 2023.  In the document below, we delve into their business model, tactics, and more