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You will be targeted by cyber attacks this summer, are you prepared? 


During the summer months, many employees and key people take well-earned vacation and businesses begin to slow down production and put projects on hold. However, for adversaries, this can be an optimal time to catch a business off guard when security takes a back seat in many organizations.  Here are 3 important points to check beforehand.     

In today’s digital age, cyber threats are a reality that organizations cannot ignore. A successful cyber attack can take on many different and complex forms and can result in data breaches, financial loss, and damage to a company’s reputation. It is therefore important to have a plan in place to minimize the impact of a cyber attack.    

We understand that it is not always easy to manage incident response during the summer months. Therefore, we have come up with 3 important points you should consider when reviewing the readiness of your response capability, to ensure that your company is in the best possible shape to combat any threat while key staff and resources are potentially unavailable: 

1. Are you prepared if an incident occurs?  

Being prepared and knowing how to act equips individuals with the confidence to manage incidents effectively, reducing panic and confusion during critical moments. Have you taken the first steps to ensuring a response capability by putting in a place an incident response plan?

2. Is your incident response plan updated? 

You have a plan, wonderful! Is it updated to account for key staff and resources being unavailable with well-thought through processes and escalation paths? By having an updated plan in place before summer, you are ensuring that any responses are effective.    

3. Are you confident that you have the support you need when an impactful incident does occur? 

If an incident gets out of control, being able to contact technical experts who can support is fundamental in quickly mitigating the attack and recovering from any damage. Do you have an expert team ready to back you up in a true emergency?  

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to act and make sure that all your incident response procedures and strategies are in place to effectively counter any cyber threat posed to your business. After all, incident response is not just about responding to cyber incidents, it’s about being prepared and having the right resources at your disposal. NTT Security is here to help you. If something happens during the summer and you need urgent support, then simply call our Incident Response Hotline on +46 8 30 69 07 and we’ll be there for you.  

If you wish to learn more about how to effectively manage your incident response and stay secure, visit us at 

Are you unsure of your Incident Response readiness? Let’s talk. 

By taking proactive measures and remaining vigilant, we can collectively defend against cyber threats and safeguard sensitive data from exploitation. Let’s prioritize cybersecurity and work together to ensure a safer digital environment for all. Fill in the form and we’ll contact you.