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Operational Technology (OT) Security

NTT Security provides solutions for:

  • Understanding and evaluation of the current situation
  • Build a security foundation and threat readiness
  • 24/7 threat monitoring of IT/OT from a single pane of glass

NTT Security Holdings helps us protect both our IT and OT environments

The amount of available data is constantly increasing, creating new opportunities for us and our customers. However, having strong cybersecurity in place is a prerequisite for successfully utilizing all data.

NTT Security helps us protect both our IT and OT environments from cyber threats. Thanks to our partnership with NTT, we can focus on increasing efficiency in our daily operations.”

Enrico Piccini, Discipline Manager: Instrument & Telecom, BW Offshore

Integrating incident response processes between OT and IT is crucial

Operational technology (OT) is rapidly digitizing, leading to heightened connectivity and vulnerabilities. Challenges include limited network visibility, supply chain risks, and resource constraints. Attacks on critical infrastructure are rising, underscoring the need to prepare for new threats. 

To enhance security, integrating incident response processes between OT and IT is crucial for streamlined management and proactive threat mitigation.

Supporting your OT Security journey

We are committed to guiding and supporting your OT Security journey. The three steps described below gives guidance how to take your OT security maturity to your desired target level

Step 1 – Understand and evaluate the current situation

To assess cyberattack risks in your OT systems, we follow these tasks:

  • Create a comprehensive inventory of OT assets, including hardware, software, and network components, with detailed specs and configurations for a clear baseline.
  • Map the OT network architecture to identify connected devices, communication pathways, and network segments.
  • Perform vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses and entry points, prioritizing them by severity and potential impact.
  • Conduct a risk assessment for your OT environment, considering potential attack vectors, threat actors, motivations, and system-specific vulnerabilities.

Need assistance with your assessment?

Step 2 – Build a security foundation and threat readiness

Enhance OT systems resilience against cyberattacks:

  • Develop tailored security policies and procedures, covering access control, data protection, incident response, and compliance.
  • Isolate OT networks from the internet through network segmentation and use firewalls for unauthorized access prevention.
  • Apply regular security patches for vulnerabilities.
  • Deploy intrusion detection systems for network traffic monitoring.
  • Create a specific incident response plan for OT systems with defined roles and procedures for detection, containment, eradication, and recovery.

Elevate Your OT Security & Threat Readiness.

Step 3 – 24/7 threat monitoring of IT/OT from a single pane of glass

Samurai MDR offers unified threat monitoring for IT and OT environments, streamlining monitoring, detection, and response by merging data from both areas into one central platform.

This simplifies security, lowers management overhead, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances threat detection through behavioral analytics and machine learning. This proactive approach secures both IT and OT, ensuring uninterrupted critical operations for business continuity and disruption prevention.

One Platform, Complete Threat Oversight.