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NTT Security strengthens cybersecurity at Skavsta Airport with 24/7 monitoring


Yesterday, Radio Sweden P4 reported that NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity have started a collaboration with Stockholm Skavsta Airport to further strengthen the airport’s cybersecurity and comply with the upcoming NIS2 directive. Through 24/7 monitoring with a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, Stockholm Skavsta Airport is now even better equipped against cyber attacks.

As a critical component of Sweden’s infrastructure, protection against cyber attacks is extremely important and a high priority for Stockholm Skavsta Airport, especially now with the geopolitical instability. Therefore, the airport has decided to start a collaboration with NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity to further strengthen the defence against the constant threats from cyber attackers.

– The airport is vulnerable given that it is part of the critical infrastructure. We are very keen to ensure that attackers cannot get into our systems to affect flight safety and access sensitive data, says Jesper Fredmark, CEO of Stockholm Skavsta Airport, in an interview with P4 Sörmland, Swedish Radio.

Monitoring around the clock

The investment in cyber protection at Stockholm Skavsta Airport continues. To stay one step ahead of attackers, NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity, with their expertise and modern platform, will have a comprehensive 24/7 cyber surveillance of Stockholm Skavsta Airport. This takes place in NTT Security’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Gothenburg, which handles thousands of potential and actual attacks daily.

– I felt a strong confidence and trust in NTT Security when I visited their security centre in Gothenburg, says Adam Eklund Eriksson, CIO at Stockholm Skavsta Airport and continues:

– Security is crucial for us, both in the IT environment and in flight operations. When we were choosing a cyber security provider, we wanted to find partners with a good track record and a long history in the industry. NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity fit the bill perfectly, and they also fulfil the stringent requirements for us as an airport operation.

Tougher EU requirements

In October 2024, a new EU legislation will increase the cyber security requirements. The legislation, named the NIS2 Directive, tightens the requirements for handling and reporting in the event of a security incident among other things. Organizations must also have a strong cyber capability with clear procedures, trained staff and the right device configurations. If companies and organizations cannot meet the requirements, they risk having to pay fines.

– Stockholm Skavsta Airport is an important part of Sweden’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, this also makes it a particularly interesting target for cyber attackers. We want to help the airport achieve the strongest possible cyber protection, and with our cyber security centre in Gothenburg and our experts, we are able to do this 24 hours a day, all year round, says Fredrik Olsson, CEO at NTT Security in Europe.

– We are proud that Stockholm Skavsta Airport chooses to work with us and NTT Security to further strengthen the airport’s cyber defence. Together we can take a holistic approach to the airport’s cybersecurity to make cyber risks understandable, transparent and measurable as well as isolate and stop cyber threats from attackers, says Jesper Svegby, CEO of Nexer Cybersecurity.

Listen to the feature on P4 Sörmland, Swedish Radio here (in Swedish) or contact our experts at NTT Security to discuss your compliance needs and discover how our services can support your journey towards NIS2 compliance. Read more about the collaboration between NTT Security and Nexer Cybersecurity here.

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