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Is your organization in need of immediate Incident Response support?

• Are you currently facing a potential ransomware incident?

• Are there any signs of compromise that you’ve identified within your systems?

• Do you have suspicions of a breach, or have you been informed of a potential breach?

Contact our 24/7 Incident Response Hotline

Incident Response Team

Our Incident Response Team can assist your organization in immediately taking control of a compromised situation, minimizing damage, and safeguarding critical data, systems, and operations.

We have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in handling and leading security incident investigations. Taking actions during an ongoing incident requires caution, as improper ones may escalate the situation.

Be prepared for the incident

You have a fire alarm, you have fire extinguishers, you know who to call in case of a fire and you make fire drills for the whole organization. Make sure that you plan for cyber incidents in the same way.

Incident Response Services

Table Top Exercise:

This exercise aims to assess your organization’s preparedness by simulating an incident in a stress-free, collaborative discussion. It involves reviewing documentation, processes, and responses in a controlled environment.

Incident Response Retainer:

NTT provides an Incident Response Retainer service designed to assist organizations in responding effectively to incidents. The experienced IR Team offers rapid remediation across various industries. This service can be added to NTT’s Samurai MDR or used as a standalone offering

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