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GTIR 2024: One in three cyber attacks targets the manufacturing industry   


The manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks, experiencing more than twice as many as the second most targeted sector. This is highlighted in our latest Global Threat Intelligence Report 2024 (GTIR). 

Manufacturing is by far the most attacked sector 

Manufacturing leads with 34% of cybercrime victims in the Nordic region, with nearly twice as many attacks compared to the second most targeted sector, the technology industry, which stands at 18%. Following these are the retail sector (14%), financial sector (11%), and transport sector (7%). In 68% of the attacks against manufacturing, data leakage was also reported, according to GTIR. 

As the manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in Europe’s economy, its high exposure to cyber attacks is extremely concerning. As digitalization advances, and more systems and devices become interconnected, new vulnerabilities emerge. Prioritizing cyber security is crucial, especially to keep up with digital investments in manufacturing. 

Ransomware surged in 2023  

One of the most severe types of cyberattacks is ransomware, which saw a 67% increase in incidents worldwide in 2023. These attacks encrypt victims’ data and holds files hostage until a ransom is paid. During 2023, ransomware impacted over 5,000 victims compared to around 3,000 in 2022. 

However, there remains a significant number of unrecognized victims of these attacks. The potentially devastating impact of ransomware might compel businesses to pay ransoms, leading to many incidents going unrecorded. Very few ransomware attacks are reported to law enforcement, largely due to concerns about reputational damage and skepticism regarding the effective resolution of these crimes. Shedding light on ransomware attacks can enhance transparency and encourage organizations to share their experiences, helping to combat this growing threat. 

Most common cyber attacks 

  1. Trojans: 13%. 
  1. Backdoor: 11%. 
  1. Penetration testing tools: 10%. 
  1. Generic malware: 9%. 
  1. Botnets: 8%. 

Most cyber attacked sectors globally: 

  1. Manufacturing: 26% 
  1. Technology sector: 21% 
  1. Financial sector: 11% 
  1. Transport sector: 10%. 
  1. Public sector: 8%. 

Download the Global Threat Intelligence Report 2024 report here.

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