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Case: BW Offshore

BW Offshore enhances IT and OT security worldwide with managed services. They prioritize safeguarding both IT and operational technology (OT) environments as these systems converge and face cybersecurity threats.

Together with us on NTT Security we created a cybersecurity strategy aligning with their risk profile, enabling 24/7 threat monitoring in OT and maintaining security across all operations.

About BW Offshore

BW Offshore engineers innovative floating production solutions. They have a fleet of 15 Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading units (FPSOs) with potential and ambition to grow. By leveraging four decades of offshore operations and project execution, they create tailored energy solutions for evolving markets world-wide.

BW Offshore’s global presence, operational integrity and extensive experience leads the way in global floating production solutions for the oil and gas industry.

What Services did we support with?

  • Endpoint Prevention
  • Device Management
  • Samurai Incident Response Service


Securing Integrated IT and OT Environments:

BW Offshore needed to secure both IT and OT environments.

Cybersecurity foundation is essential for digitalization opportunities.


Delivering 24/7 Protection:

Partnership with us focusing on securing IT environments on vessels and offices.

24/7 monitoring and advanced threat detection enhance security.


Creating a Secure Future:

Secure foundation allows BW Offshore to explore OT environment’s potential.

Advanced threat detection adapts to each vessel’s risk profile.

Opening Up Data Opportunities:

Secured IT and OT environments enable data extraction without added risk.

Working Toward a Sustainable Future:

Enhanced cybersecurity supports environmentally conscious operations and minimizes communication risks during incidents.

‘Working with NTT, we have a partner who can meet our requirements across both our IT and OT environments.

This allows us to focus on enhancing the operational efficiency of our global fleet

Enrico Piccini, Discipline Manager: Instrument &Telecom, BW Offshore

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