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Why we haven’t seen the worst OT cyber attacks yet   

Connected critical technologies enable great progress in streamlining operations, however this also poses threats to operational technology (OT), potentially jeopardizing the security and business resilience. In this blog post, we will outline five critical actions for industrial companies. 


Deepfake Terrorism: The Terrifying Threat of Manipulated Videos

Explore the alarming rise of Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud utilizing deepfake technology in Hong Kong. Learn how cybercriminals exploit AI advancements to impersonate corporate executives, leading to significant financial losses and highlighting the importance of cybersecurity awareness.


Tietoevry was affected – how can your company be secure?  

The cyberattack against Tietoevry has been a much-needed eye-opener for many companies. Rusta has already reported to have lost more than 60 MSEK. One of the lessons learned is that anyone can be affected, even large and reputable IT companies – but there are ways to protect yourself. All companies can do more to improve their IT protection, and there are concrete measures to start with. 


US Advisory Warns of Volt Typhoon’s Threat

Learn about the latest US advisory warning of Volt Typhoon, a Chinese state-sponsored threat group targeting critical infrastructure. Understand the group’s tactics, potential impact, and actionable steps to mitigate risks.


Competing in Cyber Security

One of the great challenges of cybersecurity is the need to learn continuously. Just as our adversaries adapt and change all the time, we need to remain one step ahead of them.