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Magniber’s Missteps: Because Even Spiders Trip Over Their Own Web

Watch the recording as our security analysts expose flaws in Magniber, a ransomware group. Despite exploiting a Microsoft SmartScreen vulnerability and extorting GBP 370,000 in six months, the group neglected to secure their systems. Discover mistakes, including a misconfigured web server and log server, exposing data on 80,000 victims and earnings. The analysts found RSA private keys, offering a proof-of-concept decryptor, exposure rates analysis, and an infrastructure diagram for public awareness and defense.


NTT Security Holdings Presents at Virus Bulletin 2023

At Virus Bulletin 2023, NTT Security Holdings reveals insights into Magniber ransomware’s missteps and FirePeony’s evolving APT tactics. Valuable knowledge for cyber defense and testament to SOC teams’ commitment.


Webinar recording 2023 Global Threat Intelligence Report

We are excited to share a highly enlightening webinar that will unveil the insights from the 2023 Global Threat Intelligence Report presented by Jeremy Nichols. This cutting-edge report shines a spotlight on the increasingly intertwined nature of cyber threats and their real-world consequences. It illuminates the prevailing attacks witnessed over the past year, offering vital recommendations to fortify businesses against ever-evolving threats.


Setting a New Benchmark: World Record Implementation (?) of MDR Service in Just 51 Hours!

In an impressive feat, Samurai Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service was implemented in a record-breaking time of 51 hours. The seamless collaboration between the cybersecurity team and their reselling business partner ensured rapid remediation for a client facing a security breach. The efficient implementation process showcased the team’s technical prowess, commitment, and dedication to providing swift cybersecurity solutions, making them the preferred partner for organizations seeking effective MDR services.